Charlotte Spafford

Charlotte Spafford is the main force behind Spark Art Therapy, and is an art therapist located in Vancouver, B.C. She has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Victoria and a Master’s Level Diploma in Art Therapy from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. She also has an ongoing personal art practice.

Charlotte has worked with a wide range of communities, including grieving families; children and teenagers with ADHD, depression, and/or anxiety; individuals with disabilities, adults going through personal transition, children affected by/infected with HIV; and seniors with dementia. She is passionate about the transformation that can occur in the art therapy studio, and never fails to be amazed at the wisdom, bravery, and creative energy she sees in each of her clients.

In her work as an art therapist, Charlotte aims to create a space where you feel safe and supported in your art-making and emotional expression. She understands the nervousness many people (particularly adults!) come in with when they decide to pursue art therapy – and therefore strives to help you discard any notion of “needing to be good at art”. Charlotte will work with you individually to determine your goals and hopes for art therapy and works to help you use the art to uncover your inner spark.

Charlotte would be more than happy to speak with you if you have any questions about whether art therapy might be a fit for you. She can be reached by email at