Welcome to Spark Art Therapy

 Charlotte Spafford of Spark Art Therapy offers individual and group art therapy for children, adolescents, and adults in Vancouver, B.C. The arts have the ability to move us deeply and engage our senses, thereby acting as a vessel for insight, inspiration, and change. Art therapy relies on creative expression, inner imagery, and sensory engagement to foster growth and emotional processing.


What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy uses the process of artistic creation to facilitate self-expression, self-exploration, and transformation. The images that emerge from the art therapy process are not created with the intention of being aesthetically pleasing – rather, the goal of art-making is to access one’s inner world and emotions. Sometimes words are unable to serve as an adequate way of processing our emotions, and that is where the use of colours, shapes, and lines can be beneficial in taking us deeper into our lived experiences.

Art therapy can be used with people of all ages; in groups, one-on-one, couples, and families. It can help with a wide range of personal and relationship issues, but can also be used for personal growth, improving well-being, and creative exploration. Participating in art therapy does not require skill or prior experience in art as it is primarily about personal expression.